Our mission is to support emerging safety programs.

We will achieve our mission by collaborating with existing agencies to support or design innovative and effective programs that address common safety problems.

Our organization is guided by our three focus areas,
which define how we execute our mission:

Prevent:      efforts to prevent loss of life and minimize physical and psychological risk to community members and emergency responders,

Respond:  our ability to respond to emergencies in support of existing agencies or when specialized resources are unavailable,

Restore:  and to help restore the community, victim, and/or rescuer’s ability to meet the next challenge.






About NPSS

NATIONAL PUBLIC SAFETY SOLUTIONS, INC. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization formed to support the development of safety programs for the community. Our initial offering was our Ice Safety for Schools® program.

After an ice related tragedy in Lawrence, MA in December 2002, which took the lives of four children along the Merrimack River, we realized we needed to take the knowledge that we had obtained to protect rescuers and make it available to everyone.  In the weeks that followed the tragedy we developed the Ice Safety for Schools® program.

In our classes, we discuss some of the danger signs of weak ice, like running water and objects protruding through the ice.  We teach the children what to do if a friend falls through the ice and what to do if they fall through the ice.

As part of this ongoing effort, we have since trained over 13,000 K-12 school students.

We are working to make the program accessible to more families. We are currently redesigning the safety program for communities and schools that will allow teachers and others to deliver our safety program.



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