20 Year Anniversary of 9-11 Attacks

This month we are at the 20-year anniversary of the attacks that changed the lives of many across the globe. The tragedy of lives directly lost that day. Many on the scene during the rescue and recovery efforts have since lost their lives due to medical complications of their work. Families were forever changed.

In the aftermath, U.S. and other countries’ military forces engaged in seeking out the terrorists responsible for that day. Many lives were lost and injuries sustained in the efforts over the years to accomplish this. While the terrorist leader was found, the threat for other terrorist activities remain today.

Aside from the obvious, many have suffered the psychological damaging effects of this event. Whether as a survivor that day, the first responders to the scene, our military who have sacrificed, the families who support these people, those that have watched the tragedy countless times in the media, and for others unknown that were impacted in ways not noticed and who suffer in silence, the direct impact and the subsequent ripples continue for many today.

As we mark this anniversary, it is important to note not only the tragic parts but to take notice of the good that emerged. The resiliency of a community, a nation, and a world. How so many have unified and stood up to the challenges created by this event. How the will and spirit of those left in the wake of the aftermath continue on.

There are many who still bear the impact of that day and related events from the aftermath. Whether physical or psychological, it is important to not forget these people and to provide whatever assistance possible. This month has the potential to resurface old wounds – commonly known as anniversary reactions. They are real and normal. If you or someone you know have these types of reactions, take the time to acknowledge them and seek support. This was and continues to a be a life-changing event that we can endure and together grow from. Let us not forget.