Training Programs

The NPSS training programs are continuously developing and reformatting to help those who attend achieve the results they expect. Our safety training, stress management classes, and more are available year-round. View our training program list to plan to attend.

Stress Management

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) can be an essential tool to those who serve the community by providing responders with the ability to process traumatic events, allowing them to be prepared for the next incident. This is true during the course of any day for our public safety personnel. In a time when terrorist threats also weigh upon our responders, appropriate preparation becomes even more important.

Our course offerings address many areas including Pre-Incident Education, CISM Team development, clinical skill/knowledge development, agency preparedness exercise/evaluations, and customized programs for a client’s stress management needs.

Energy Psychology

One of our premiere offerings, Thought Field Therapy® (TFT), has emerged as a very helpful tool in dealing with psychological trauma, phobias, addictions, and performance enhancement. Challenges that clients have had in these areas, sometimes even after years of attempting various resolution alternatives, are often reduced in only a few sessions. Our success with this intervention has been very powerful with some clients reporting complete resolution in only a single session. We offer both direct services using this technique in addition to a 2-day training program to teach attendees the Algorithm level of TFT care.


Depending on the source different definitions exist as to what this term actually means. A Google search of this word in September of 2018 showed that there were 11,500,000 results. In summary the general consensus is having the ability to resist and rebound from adversity, whatever the source.

When we consider how to accomplish this, many levels are identified. Johns Hopkins identified a model where to accomplish this goal one must look in three major domains – Resistance, Resiliency, and Recovery. These areas need to be addressed by both individuals and organizations. Knowing how to prepare in these areas and how to respond should an incident bring a challenge to the individual or organization is vital to how well the rebound occurs.

NPSS staff has an assortment of tools to help individuals and organizations expand their resources in this vital area. As with our other courses, customization of these tools to your particular needs is a hallmark of our programs. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Customized Programs

In addition to our Stress Management/CISM educational opportunities, our organization is available to provide direct care in these areas. Members have been called upon to assist clients both locally and on a national level. Telephone consultations, organizational consultations, in-house and regional program development, and referrals are also available.