Energy Healing technology presented in Las Vegas

This October our Executive Director has the privilege of being an invited speaker to co-present at the Inner Light Compass conference in Las Vegas along with Terry Trueblood, PhD and Christine Gurganus, RN, BSN. This conference focused on spiritual healing concepts and techniques for both practitioners and those wanting to learn more about this field. This 2-day conference allowed for sharing of information as well as an opportunity for participants to experience the various modalities being described.

NPSS presented on bridging science and spirituality through the use of technology. For years, healings that were categorized as spiritual or mystical took on an aura of the unknown. As energy-based interventions and technology continue to evolve, the changes that people experienced that were once deemed purely mystical now can be shown to have a scientific component to them.

At NPSS we continue to pursue and expand our knowledge in this area to develop an expanded skill set to help others with varying life challenges.