NPSS Executive Director Receives International Education Award

It is our honor to announce that this month our Executive Director, Tom Greenhalgh, received the prestigious William H. Montgomery, MD, Excellence in Education Award from the Citizen CPR Foundation for 2019.

In December of 2019, NPSS was selected to present to an international audience of medical providers, educators, family members and survivors of cardiac arrest at the Citizen CPR Foundation conference in Seattle, WA. The topic, “Caring for the Caregiver: the Missing Link”, focused on the often overlooked aspect of medical care – supporting the emotional and mental wellbeing of those that care for others. Whether professional or layperson, those that care for the sick and injured often give a piece of themselves in their endeavors, seldom asking for anything in return. This presentation was geared towards raising the awareness of this issue to the attendees and to give some tips and resources on how to keep these helpers emotionally, mentally, and spiritually strong before, during, and after they perform their tasks.

Notice of this award was delayed due to the impact of the coronavirus challenge. Looking back, this presentation was especially timely as we were just on the leading cusp of the pandemic. The pressures endured and the sacrifices made by medical and non-medical caregivers throughout these months have been monumental. NPSS has had the honor of supporting the above needs of many of these people from around the country as we go through these times. The need continues and we ask that you thank those that have and continue to serve as we fight this virus.

It was our honor to have had the opportunity to present at this conference. The Citizen CPR Foundation has been in existence for over 30 years, bringing people from various disciplines to provide the latest information on preventing, managing, and recovering from the challenge of cardiac arrest. As a leader in this arena they have made a difference in countless lives.

To learn more about their foundation, the work that they do, and Dr. Montgomery’s award please visit:

To learn more about self-care during this COVID pandemic, please visit:

We would like to thank the Citizen CPR Foundation again for selecting us to make this presentation. Taking care of the caregiver is one of our main focus missions here at NPSS. We are thankful for this opportunity to make a difference.