Law Enforcement Perspectives for CISM Enhancement

Course Description:
Learn to identify, understand, and work with the ”Blue Wall of Silence” in the law enforcement community. Designed to provide insight and understanding of the different types of stress in law enforcement culture from a systems perspectives emphasis, this course will provide practical “back pocket skills” in providing crisis intervention services to law enforcement organizations and individual personnel in crisis.

Program Highlights:

  • Community perceptions of the Law Enforcement Profession
  • Differentiated Model of oppression in capitalistic systems
  • System dysfunctions in the LE culture
  • Special considerations when providing CMB group interventions
  • Stress areas of a LE officer in crisis help
  • Specific stress areas to LE officer culture
  • Healthy coping mechanisms and resiliency protective factors
  • Interventions to a suicide of a LE officer or a LODD
  • Addictions and CISM response
  • Psychological / emotional perceptions following an officer involved shooting

Course Length: 2 Days (14 Contact Hours)

Intended Audience:
The LE Perspectives course is intended for law enforcement officers, their families, mental health professionals, chaplains, and organizations that interact within the law enforcement community. It is an excellent course for CISM teams and team members who would want to enhance their understanding of the differences in the law enforcement culture as compared to other first responder cultures.