Techniques for Delivering Bad News for Crisis Response Personnel

Course Description:
Whether we are a recipient or a messenger of bad news, it impacts and distresses each of us. The necessity of delivering upsetting information causes most people distress. No one likes to be the bearer of bad news. The difficult task, however, can be made less painful if certain principles and practices are employed. This one-day course provides the participants with a variety of insights that will help them to organize and deliver disturbing news. It also provides guidelines for assisting the recipients once the announcement of the information has been made.

Program Highlights

  • Elements of crisis intervention that are commonly utilized in the provision of disturbing bad news
  • Primary steps required to make an effective announcement of upsetting information
  • Common reactions of people when they are informed of emotionally distressing information
  • Components of an announcement of bad news
  • Distress experienced by the recipients of psychology disturbing news
  • Special considerations for providing bad news to children, the elderly and persons with special needs

Completion of “Techniques for Delivering Bad News for Crisis Response Personnel” and receipt of a certificate indicating full attendance (7 Contact Hours) qualifies as a class in ICISF’s Certificate of Specialized Training Program.