The Secrets of Psychological Body Armor ™ – Holistic Wellness for Emergency Services and Healthcare Professions

Course Description

This course is designed to aid you in building a personal culture of resilience and holistic health.  Our unique approach is intended to help you learn to better manage the stress in your life in order to increase your potential for happiness, success, and even create a competitive advantage through the creation of what we call Psychological Body Armor ™.  There is no “quick fix” in this program.  It is not designed to be a “pop psych” feel-good course.  Rather, this course contains facts and specific suggestions for actions you can take to enhance your personal resilience, all based upon the latest and most credible science.

 Program Highlights:

  • Describe the nature of Psychological Body Armor ™ (PBA)
  • Recognize resilient attitudes
  • Use physical exercise to strengthen PBA
  • Use nutrition to fuel PBA
  • Use rest to recharge and restore PBA
  • Use interpersonal support
  • Understand how spirituality relates to PBA
  • Develop a PBA plan

Course Length: 1 Day (7 Contact Hours)

Intended Audience:

This program is designed for anyone in the uniformed services field, or those that support this group. Common attendees include, but are not limited to EAP, human resources and public safety personnel, mental health professionals, chaplains, emergency medical services providers, firefighters, physicians, police officers, nurses, telecommunicators, airline personnel, disaster workers, and anyone else who is looking to enhance their “shield” to stress in their lives.