NPSS presents the Crisis Intervention program “Assisting Individuals in Crisis” to the United States Space Force

In August of this year, our Executive Director was invited to and had the honor of facilitating the ICISF’s course, Assisting Individuals in Crisis for our newest military branch, Space Force at Patrick SFB in Florida.

Much like the US Marines are organized under the US Department of the Navy, Space Force is a separate military branch organized under the US Air Force. Founded under the FY20 National Defense Authorization Act, this service branch has been tasked with the challenge of assisting various military operations and enhancing the United States ability to protect itself from potential attacks. A highly technical mission, these military personnel provide a new resource tool to help maintain a safe and peaceful world for us to live in.

It is a great honor to have been asked to support this organization. The diverse careers within this organization can carry an extreme amount of stress associated with the work done. The tools learned in this course helps participants with not only developing crisis intervention and Peer Support skills, but also tools to enhance well-being and resiliency.

Being able to support and assist our military personnel has always been a primary mission here at NPSS. To learn more about this organization please click on the following link: