Psychology of Terrorism and Thought Field Therapy CISM Training Provided in Pittsburgh, PA to an International Audience

This past January and February, NPSS had the opportunity to provide Advanced CISM education through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) at their regional conference in Pittsburgh, PA. Advanced skills were presented over a 4-day period including Terrorism: Psychological Impact and Implications and Thought Field Therapy. Audience members consisted of attendees from diverse backgrounds representing various states across the United States and Canada.

Given the events of recent years, understanding terrorism and the impact it may have on both the public and emergency services personnel is crucial. Exploring the mindset of the terrorist threat element and what they seek to accomplish is essential to both managing and seeking a deterrence to these types of activities. This understanding, and the development of pre-plans to respond and mitigate the impact of these events, is crucial to minimizing the psychological impact of these types of events.

Thought Field Therapy is a meridian-based energy modality to address the impact of psychological trauma and an assortment of other issues. This introductory course teaches attendees how to use TFT-Algorithms to address a variety of issues. Students gain skills and confidence in using this technique by learning and practicing on each other throughout the two days.