SONAR training expands across the country in June and July

June and July have been very busy with SONAR training across the country. Our Executive Director (a corporate trainer for Dive Rescue International) continues to work with Black Laser Learning to provide Hummingbird training through Dive Rescue International. Audience members included public safety agencies from local and county agencies from multiple states.

In June this training was presented in both IL and MD and in July again presented in MI. In addition to classroom training, a wide variety of devices were utilized in open water scenarios, from very early equipment to the latest Side-, Down-, and 360°-Imaging technology. With a focus on enhancing the skills in utilizing the devices attendees may already have, these devices were operated from a variety of water vessel platforms, showing the diversity of options from which to employ this technology. Certificates of Completion were issued by Dive Rescue International.

To further enhance both our response capabilities, as well as expand offerings to students across the country, our Director attended a specialized training program to credential him as a Factory Authorized JW Fisher SONAR Instructor. Unlike the hull-mounted Humminbird systems, the JW Fisher system side-imaging system is a tow fish style SONAR unit. They also offer a 360° sector scanning SONAR. These devices offer a high-resolution imaging platform that although more expensive than the Humminbird systems, have options that can further enhance the capabilities of the public safety response agency. We would like to thank JW Fisher for entrusting this honor to our Director.