Dr. Jim Reese posthumously receives the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF)

At this year’s ICISF’s 15th World Congress on Stress in Baltimore Maryland, Dr. Jim Reese received the ICISF’s biennial “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his leadership and contributions to the field of stress management.

Our Executive Director had the honor of co-presenting this award to Jim’s family, along with Dr. Jeff Mitchell and Dr. George Everly (the founders of the ICISF).

Jim was a pioneer in introducing stress management concepts into the field of Law Enforcement. He saw the need to not only address the physical but also the psychological aspects in keeping agents, and by extension, all emergency service workers in optimal condition. His work as a FBI agent in the arena of psychology led to his being assigned as the Assistant Unit Chief of the Behavioral Sciences Unit and to the creation of the FBI’s Profiling Unit, depicted in the television show “Criminal Minds”. In fact, on occasion you may hear one of the actors or actresses make the comment, “What would Jim think?” as a tribute to Dr. Reese.

Aside from his professional contributions, perhaps he is best known for his personal character. With a never-ending love for his family and a quick wit that was constant, Jim embodied the characteristics most aspire to. People talk about resiliency while in the face of many health challenges, Jim lived it. A role-model on many levels, Jim was without parallel.

The staff at NPSS had the fortune to come to know Jim throughout the years in many roles: student, mentor, colleague, and most importantly – friend. His impact on us was immeasurable. His impact on others – the same. The world lost a very rare person in 2017 but one that will not be soon forgotten. If you are not familiar with Jim, take the time to Google him. It will be time well-spent.

It was an extraordinary honor to be able to be part of this presentation to recognize him before his colleagues and his family – an honor never to be forgotten.