Critical Incidents in Places of Worship – Providing Effective Crisis Support

Course Description:

The faith-based communities have long been responders to disaster and emergencies, providing needed care to those impacted. Recent events both in the US and internationally highlight the need for crisis services for those very faith-based communities when events impact their staff and volunteers. This workshop will address providing crisis services for places of worship, with an emphasis on caring for the staff, spiritual leadership, and worshipers as potential groups needing services.

Program Highlights:

  • Explore the prevalence of violence in places of worship
  • Identify “lessons learned” from case studies of episodes of violence in places of worship
  • Identify factors that enhance crisis support for places of worship
  • Identify common psychological reactions to critical incidents occurring in places of worship
  • Identify key recommendations for providing support in faith-based venues
  • Identify domains of assessment of crisis needs following a critical incident
  • Develop a plan framework to be utilized in your place of worship

Course Length: 1 Day (7 Contact Hours)

Intended Audience:

This program is designed for those in faith-based communities that are responsible for the identification and planning for various emergencies that may occur within their organization.

Prerequisites: None