Dealing with the Bereaved Family and Friends

Course Description:
Grief and Bereavement are a natural part of life. Events occur naturally and traumatically in everyone’s life that that have the potential to evoke grief reactions. When this happens how can you support these people as they go through this life challenge?

In this awareness level program, we will provide an overview of what grief is, what types of grief and bereavement reactions you can expect under different circumstances, and how you can support people experiencing these reactions. This program is not designed to be a comprehensive training on bereavement, but rather an opportunity to look at the basics of the issue and learn some useful tools to help and learn about things to avoid.

Program Highlights:

  • Grief & Bereavement defined
  • Types of events where you can expect grief and bereavement reactions
  • What to expect at a crisis scene and the immediate aftermath
  • Types of Grief & Bereavement reactions
  • Normal vs Traumatic Grief
  • Supporting the person
  • Resources
  • Self-care

Course Length: 1/2 Day (3 Contact Hours)

Intended Audience:
Anyone who deals with those who may be suffering grief and bereavement reactions to an event and want to learn some basic indicators, signs/symptoms to look for, and some fundamental strategies to help support a person going through this process.