Technology and Trauma presentation given at the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) World Congress on Stress

In May, NPSS and Crisis Wellness Solutions partnered to provide two seminars at the ICISF’s 15th World Congress on Stress in Baltimore Maryland. The first presentation, “Technology & Trauma: Seeing the Impact from the Inside Out”, explored the way that modern technology allows an objective insight into the psychological, emotional, and physical state of a person. The second presentation, “100 Articles, 40 Randomized Trials, 4 Meta-Analyses Say it is Good to Tap”, provided an overview of the current research around the energy psychology practice of tapping interventions. Attendees from across the globe came to learn of these exciting advances.

Having utilized these various technologies for many years with a wide range of civilian, first responder, and military clients who have experienced traumatic events or are dealing with the challenge of addiction and recovery, we have found these adjuncts to traditional interventional techniques invaluable. We continue to look for new ways, and to participate in research projects, to develop further abilities using technology and other modalities to assist those faced with these types of challenges.

To learn more about this evolving field or to become trained as a practitioner, feel free to contact us.