NPSS gives keynote presentation at the 2023 International Fire Department Instructors’ Conference (FDIC)

In April our Executive Director was invited to represent NPSS and the On-Site Academy by presenting a customized program for attendees entitled, “Students in the Fire Service: Non-traditional challenges for today’s fire instructor”. This presentation was given on April 24 at the FDIC Professional Development Conference in Indianapolis, IN. Attendees consisted of representatives of the Fire Services from across the State.

Today’s students come to trainings with a different set of values, experiences, and expectations than in previous generations. They also may come with challenges that are often not recognized by educators. This presentation was designed to explore some of these non-traditional challenges today’s educators may face.

It is a great honor to have been asked to develop and give this presentation. Our fire educators, as well as other public safety educators, are the gateway to our future public safety personnel being safer and successful in their careers. This success translates to better service by these people to our communities, a goal of all public safety agencies. NPSS is honored to have been asked to be a part of this process.